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  • Quickbooks Bookkeeping
  • Consulting and training on Quickbooks
  • Financial statement preparation and analysis

Business Entity Services

For small businesses the choice of tax entity is one of the most important early choices that they make.  There are four basic options:

  • Sole proprietor- used for smallest and newest businesses. All profits are subject to self-employment tax and all losses are fully deductible.
  • Corporation- Used for a wide variety of businesses. All profits are taxable, and distributions are also usually taxable (double taxation) Used for many large businesses
  • S- Corporation- Popular with smallest established businesses. Profits are taxable to individuals only, and not subject to self-employment taxes.  Many rules effect S-Corps, the main one being that it must pay a reasonable salary to its owners if making a profit.
  • Partnerships- Requires legal partnership agreement and allows partners to divide ownership and responsibilities in many ways. Earnings generally are subject to SE tax for active partners.

Choosing from these options can be a complicated procedure, and a lot depends on the nature of the business and the goals of the owners.  The good news is that you can change business entities without closing up the business and starting over.  We can help with all four business entities and advise owners how to stay out of trouble with the IRS while taking care of business.


  • Assistance in choosing a business entity
    • S Corporation Elections
    • C Corporations
    • Partnership Formation
  • Preparation of corporate and partnership tax returns
  • Corporate tax planning


  • Preparation of final tax returns
    • Final 1040
  • Tax Returns
    • Estate form 706, 1041
    • Gift tax form 709
    • Trust form 1041

Fiduciary services

Trusts or estates are sometimes necessary to handle money from the deceased.  Sometimes they can keep going for decades.  These accounts must file a separate tax return if they generate enough income, and there are many considerations when dealing with estate tax reporting.

  • When do I have to file a trust or estate tax return?
  • Who pays the taxes on those returns- the trust or the individual beneficiaries?
  • What is a K-1 form and how do I report it on my personal tax return?
  • Can trusts use tax years other than a calendar year?
  • When can a trust close up and distribute all of its money?


  • Handling and correspondence to IRS Notices and requests to pay
  • Assistance with IRS audits
  • Personal representation with IRS from an Enrolled Agent

Non-profit services

Not for profit organizations by definition don’t have to pay income tax, and in most cases are exempt from sales tax as well.  But if the non-profit is active they are required to file a form 990 informational return that summarizes their activity for the year.  There are three levels of form 990, depending on how much gross income the non-profit brings in.  We can help with the following activities:

  • Payroll reporting for non-profits
  • Form 990 preparation- 990-N, 990-EZ, and full 990
  • Form 1023 registration for tax exempt 501-c-3 status.
  • Financial report compilations for all statements
  • Help composing donor letters that conform with IRS requirements
  • Preparation of form 990 returns (qualifying non-profits)
  • Preparation of form 1023 (tax exempt letters)


  • Filing of required payroll tax payments and documentation
  • Filing of form 941, state and federal
  • Filing of sales tax payments
  • Filing of unemployment taxes



  • Tax implications of retirement and education plan contributions including
    • 401K
    • IRA
    • Qualified Plans
    • 529 Education Savings Plans


  • Form 1040 preparation
    • Federal
    • All states
  • Individual tax consultation
  • Tax planning for changes in tax codes and tax situations
  • Individual tax preparation including small businesses and rental properties
  • Read more to find out if you have to file


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